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What We're All About

At Milk-Ease, we've listened to new mothers. We know the prenatal and postpartum periods are exciting, exhausting, and important all at once. There's so much to learn, prepare for, and embrace, and Milk-Ease is here to provide the resources you need along your journey. 

Lactation Resources:

Breastfeeding is important to new Mothers, but support before and during the process simply falls through the cracks. We are demystifying everything from the right pump for your lifestyle to finding lactation support! Milk-Ease will help ensure success in your breastfeeding journey by preparing you with the best information out there in a realistic, judgement free way.

Feeding Journey Spotlight

"I started my journey EBF. A week after baby was born she had an episode where she slept ALL day and never woke to feed and had no output. We took her in and she had very low blood sugar. She had a tongue and Lip tie and had to work too hard for her food. From then on, I have been exclusively pumping and she’s been taking my milk from a bottle and that is working very well for us."

-Milk-Ease Mom

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